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You may feel so trapped by an unplanned pregnancy that you think you don't have any choice except abortion. True, abortion has the quickest results and the alternatives require more immediate effort on your part, but the choice you make will have a huge impact on your future. It is important that you take some time consider each option along with a reasonable assessment of your financial and emotional resources.
Below is a selection of possible options:

  • Adoption:
    Since Christian Adoption Center’s adoptive couples cover the costs of your pregnancy, financial stress may be reduced if you choose this option. There are also other services available that will help you with such things as transportation and childbirth instruction. If you choose this, you must agree to regular prenatal care and to abstain from smoking as well as alcohol and drug use for the entire pregnancy.
  • Raising Your Child:
    This option involves a great deal of financial, emotional, and practical planning. You will need to make sure that you have adequate resources available to care for a child. It may be helpful to talk with a counselor who can help you evaluate your readiness for parenthood.
  • Hidden Pregnancy Option:
    It happens all too frequently that a woman, who has hidden her pregnancy from important people in her life, delivers the infant realizing she is unable to care for it. If this does happen to you, however, you may go to any emergency room, church or fire station with the infant within 72 hours of birth. No questions will be asked and the baby will be placed in a safe home by the Department of Human Services. This option limits your choices by forcing you to make a life-changing decision at a very difficult time.
  • Abortion:
    Should you choose to terminate the life of your unborn child, abortion carries a high risk for your health. In general, abortion is a safe procedure that should not affect future fertility or reproductive health, but the emotional problems that plague women afterwards are horrible.

Are you looking to make the decision that feels "right" deep inside of you or just take the fastest and easiest option? Keep in mind…the right thing to do is often the hardest thing to do. Your counselor can help you through the decision process...we do not recommend making any decision alone.