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As Christians, our faith sustains and supports us during our trials and can also bring blessings into our lives. The circumstances that bring us to adoption may be the hardest we ever face. We have come to believe that our faith, prayers and Christian counsel lead us to solutions and ultimately to comfort, confirmation and fulfillment as God's children.

If you are considering adoption, we know that this is a very difficult decision to make and is one that will affect your life and the life of your child forever. Many loving birthmothers choose adoption for their child as an avenue of ensuring a bright future for their child.

Christian Adoption Center exists to be a participant in the creation of "Forever Families" by offering our individual support and a full array of adoption services in order to facilitate this mission. It is our sincere hope that you will have peace in knowing that our Christian couples are committed to providing for your child's emotional, spiritual, financial and physical needs.

To find out what your denomination says about adoption, read What Your Denomination Says About Adoption.