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So you've decided on adoption. Now you need to decide who will raise your child. But how do you pick the right Christ-centered family to raise your child?

When there are so many Christian couples interested in adopting a baby, how can you narrow your choices? You'll need to think about the kind of parents you want to raise your child and the type of life you'd like your child to have. Here are some sample questions to help you make your selection. Some of these questions may be very important to you; you may want to use them to help narrow your search:

  • Have they been married long?
  • Do they have other children?
  • Why are they considering adoption?
  • What kind of life do they lead right now?
  • What kind of recreation or hobbies do they enjoy?
  • Will both parents work or will one stay home with the baby?
  • What is the couple's view on disciplining a child?
  • Do the husband and wife have extended families?

Bottom-line is - You choose the parent(s) that you feel would provide everything you want for your baby. All waiting families presented by our company, must first meet their state's Home Study requirements prior to adopting, so you can be assured that a warm, secure and loving home will be provided for your child.

Start your search with these featured Faith-based families. For additional Christian families please contact us at 1-866-297-5683 today!!!!

Based on your preferences, Christian Adoption Center will provide you with profiles of adoptive parents . All adoptive parents must meet their states requirements prior to adopting. Therefore, you can feel assured that a warm, secure and loving home will be provided for your child. By the time of the birth, you may even have formed a caring relationship with the adoptive parents. At your request, the adoptive parents can be present for the birth and hospital discharge.